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Icreon partners with organisations to create powerful, scalable solutions through the power of digital

By the numbers
  • €100 million in e-commerce revenue generated annually
  • 45,000,000 unique page views on Icreon-built websites
  • Over +400 in-house engineers
Partners we're proud to work with
Where Our Expertise Lies

digital strategy

Icreon's multi-disciplinary team has partnered with myriad organisations to harness the power of digital to achieve business goals.  Our strength lies in our unique combination of business acumen, technical prowess and creativity to ensure your digital roadmap furthers your business, while balancing cutting edge with what is achievable.

customer experience

Our customer experience approach draws expertise from our staff skilled in UX design, visual design, business process engineering, front-end design and of course, technology development. Wondering how to leverage technologies like machine learning, AI, VR, AR, or chatbots to improve your customer experience? Let's Talk.

data & analytics

Our data and analytics practice enables organisations to focus on measuring what is most important about your business, and then use that information to take data-driven action through advanced reporting, dashboards & analytics.  From helping clients use data to create more customised user experiences, to creation of powerful, dynamic visualisations to unlock the value of data for your day-to-day business, we'll make sure you get the most out of the information you collect.


If you're looking to use technology to fuel growth, Icreon can help.

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