the organisation

London Capital Group (LCG) is a leading provider of scalable online trading services. This model has allowed the business to grow rapidly since the launch of its first online business, the financial spread betting service Capital Spreads, in 2003. Today LCG has over 70,000 clients and offers a wide variety of financial trading products and platforms for retail, professional and institutional investors.

the challenge

With operations in multiple countries and over two dozen websites to be maintained, we worked with LCG on creating a new strategy for managing their global digital presence, providing end-to-end software design and development support.

London Capital Group has over 20+ websites that serve various audiences. For years, each site was managed by a local team using different platforms. This became extremely cumbersome when it came to updating branded copy and changing

information across them simultaneously. To fix this, we built an enterprise Content Management System that leverages Drupal to manage the dozens of websites that need new and fresh content on a regular basis.

Tools & Platforms
the solution

We built a platform that can supports a multi-lingual architecture. In addition, the CMS has ample tools to allow content creators to pull from a vast repository of past written by other writers for plug-n-play content and media insertion. Because LCG has such a large, distributed team, the platform is also designed with non-technical users in mind, with built in tagging & search tools to re-use and re-mix content.

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